Gustavo M. Leone has received international recognition as a successful actor of his genre, but his business acumen is what led to the opening of LEONE International. This is where the story begins.

Gustavo thought his fate would be in sports, soccer being his greatest passion. With his determination, desire and passion for success led him to be a professional soccer in Argentina defending the colors of Club Atletico Tigre. He achieved great national recognition, unfortunately an injury took him away from his passion as a professional athlete.

From a professional athlete to a model, away from his passion, opportunities continued to present themselves, and into his first foray of the entertainment world. He was invited to partake in the 2011 contest ' Best Model of the World ' representing Argentina, in which he resulted as the winner representing his country on the European continent. This path led him to pursue acting, which has managed to secure him key roles that have earned him international exposure and recognition, such as being recognized and named Ambassador of the Christopher Reeves Foundation in Argentina. Throughout all stages of his career, Gustavo has used that bridge to become a professional actor and businessman he is today.
So how has his prolific acting career translated into everyday business?
Gustavo could have chosen different paths and he could have had the same success. But today, he embarks with a new strategy. It’s powerful, simple and in a business world that is in constantl change Gustavo has focused on the opening of his business, LEONE International.

Without leaving show business, today he is recognized as an international business icon with new projects on the horizon. Following the legacy of his father as a great-acknowledged property strategist in Argentina, Gustavo has shown that his determination and passion are key elements in the definition of his career. Today he embarks with an entrepreneurial approach to the positioning of his name and career as CEO of LEONE International, not to mention his private label brand named GL.

Gustavo has shown that his passion towards achieving personal and professional goals has lead to an even more successful career and recognizable figure. Not only as a great actor but also as an icon of International Business.

#GL has a large international business vision and market strategies
Honesty and Trust is what makes #GL the perfect partner for your company
Discipline and professionalism are the main key features of the personality of #GL
Ximena Adamo:
"Gustavo brings his international business expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to LEONE Int’l. He has been a great asset to the development and execution of projects worldwide as we deliver revenue-driven results to our portfolio of clients. Gustavo has provided expert advice in business development and project management. I am honored for the opportunity to collaboratively work with such an exceptional C-Class executive."

Chief Marketing Officer
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